We provide to you curated, honest reviews on some of the best Straight Razors in 2016!

Looking for the best straight razors your money can buy? Are you looking for something that delivers great shaving and affordability? Want to ditch those disposable razors in the trash? We know the feeling and we've got you covered!

These razors are great for daily shaving, weekly shaving and even lining up your hair line to maintain a clean and fresh look!
Take a look at each of these hand picked and reviewed straight razors. Below is my absolute favorite list that I've curated over trial and error.

Top Selling Straight Razors of 2016!

Name/Image Learn MoreBrandMade InMaterialRating
Parker SRX Heavy Duty

Parker SRX Heavy Duty

View Price on AmazonRead Our Full Review ParkerIndiaStainless Steel4.5 Star Average Rating
GD 6/8″ Straight Razor

GD 6/8″ Straight Razor

View Price on AmazonRead Our Full Review Gold DollarChinaCarbon Steel4 Star Average Rating
Dovo Ebony Black

Dovo Ebony Black

View Price on AmazonRead Our Full Review DovoGermanyHigh Carbon German Stainless Steel5 Star Average Rating
Straight Razor Starter Kit

Straight Razor Starter Kit

View Price on AmazonRead Our Full Review Classic NecessityChinaStainless Steel4 Star Average Rating
Tactical Black Straight Razor

Tactical Black Straight Razor

View Price on AmazonRead Our Full Review Velvet ForgeJapan/USAJapanese Stainless Steel4 Star Average Rating
Classic Style Straight Razor

Classic Style Straight Razor

View Price on AmazonRead Our Full Review UtopiaChinaStainless Steel4 Star Average Rating

When did razor shaving grow to be famous?

We aren’t sure why humans first commenced to shave, now not exactly, however the common notion is that it has some thing to do with cleanliness. perhaps early adopters of shaving did it to rid themselves of lice and different little pests. In any occasion, it wasn’t until Alexander the remarkable ordered his soldiers to completely shave off their beards that the easy shaven look rose to prominence. This style of facial care unfold to Peter the exceptional, a Russian tsar inside the 17th century, and finally all of the way to England and the rest of the sector. immediately razor shaving became commonplace in the US after soldiers have been given Gillette razors for the duration of the First WW.

What are blessings of shaving with a straight razor?

Shaving with a straight razor is nearly like an artwork shape for true fanatics. if you dedicate yourself to learning the trade then you’ll notice smoother, cleanser, and more attractive shaves. in addition to a pleasant shave you may additionally become saving cash in the end. You wont need to constantly purchase cartridge or more blades. All you need is your razor and some cream. With this vast reduction in needed equipment you may also be assisting to lessen environmental waste. No more plastic throw away trash for you! The final benefit of using the best straight razor available is the boost in confidence you will receive. Acts of masculinity will usually make us feel better and razor shaving is considered one of them!

How do I pick a razor?

You’re moving into mysterious territory so it’s far common that you have questions. choosing the best razor may be a little like selecting the proper gun: there are many options but only a few of them will in shape your hands, and want, flawlessly. Allow us to take a look at the steps you need to take before buying your first razor.

1. Take a look at the razor reviews!
Your straight razor isn’t fullproof against feedback so make sure to read around for some dedicated straight razor evaluations. those opinions will give you an idea to use as a starting line for your research!

2. Take a look at the Stainless steel quality!
Any blade that you will take in your very own pores and skin needs to be vetted for metal first-rate. The poorer the steel, the poorer the shave. An easy manner to test the tempered nature of the steel is to relaxation the point of the blade under your thumbnail. Let the blade slip off quickly and listen for a ringing sound. The clearer the ring the finer the blade.

3. Get the proper blade width!
You don’t need to go strolling around with a blade like a butcher knife. On the subject of shaving you want the tighter fit. I like blades which can be in the 5/eighth size. They deal with easily and that they healthy to the shape of my face in a way that I don’t should worry cuts.

4. Pick your blade factor!
When it is finally time to pick out the blade point of your razor you don’t want to comply with any sort of medieval rules. Sharper is not higher in this aspect! If you are a newcomer to this sort of shaving then pick the razor with the rounded off point. You’ll be less likely to bloody up your face and more likely to keep trying the hobby.

How do I use a straightened razor?

Now the time is here. You’ve surely read through all of the straight razor reviews available. You’ve done your homework. You are ready to go! Now you are standing in front of your mirror with a face full of shaving cream and the best straight razor you could find while feeling completely lost! How do you do it? How do you actually shave yourself with this thing?

1.Know your grip!
Hold the razor with your ring finger slightly hooked over the tang. Get comfortable with that grip as it will be what does most of the work. Now you need to put your index and middle finger on the other side of the blade. Your thumb should naturally find itself next to the center of the blade’s grip.

2. Know your angle!
At a 30 degree angle you will want to move the blade with the grain. You will want to do even, light, strokes without very much pressure. The process slow but effective. You are allowed to go over the same spot multiple times, just don’t go against the grain or add too much pressure.

3. Keep your skin stretched taut!
With your off hand you will want to make sure to stretch your skin tight so that your blade will have a smooth and easy time shaving with the grain.

4. Rinse off and enjoy!

Now that your shave is done it is time to get the suds off your face and enjoy! You’ll notice that your face feels smoother than it has ever felt. You’ll see your features, including your chin and jaw, a little easier in the mirror. If you don’t feel like you got everything feel free to try again to get any spots you missed!

As you can see it isn’t rocket science to begin straight-razor shaving. As long as you do the research by reading all of the best straight razor reviews you will end up with the best straight razor available! After that you merely need a steady hand, a little bit of free time, and the courage to put the blade to your face. Ask any straight razor enthusiast how they feel afterward because all of them will tell you one thing, they feel great!